Violet Wolf Productions is an independent record label releasing music I like from artists I believe in.  

My mission is to help amplify compelling songwriting and distinctive musical artistry regardless of genre, with the hope of introducing new audiences to artists they connect with. The idea is to give artists an extra set of hands navigating the diversity and magnitude of demands in the modern music industry, and allow them to focus more of their energy on honing and communicating their craft. 

Bringing together experience in audio production, marketing, and physical manufacturing & distribution, as well as an extensive industry network, I am energized by working with artists from the ground up to establish their identity and connect with their audience from both a creative and commercial perspective. I want artists to feel they are part of a team dedicated first and foremost to sharing their music with the world. 

Above all I believe that good music should be able to speak for itself, and hopefully you will find that this label does just that.  

-Conor Farrell, owner